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Welcome to our site. Here, you will find out about our publications, research staff and research interests. We provide links where you can download scientific papers, dissertations and theses developed by our team. We hope you enjoy our homepage and that its content may be useful to your studies and practice. If you want to know more about our researches and activities, please contact us.

Profesor Valdiney V. Gouveia


Has BSc in Psychology (1989) from Federal University of Paraiba, Specialization degree in Psychometrics (1993) and MA in Social and Work Psychology from University of Brasilia (1991), and PhD in Social Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid (1998). He is a Full Professor of Social Psychology at Federal University of Paraiba. Moreover, he is Senior Researcher at National Council for Technological and Scientific Development (CNPq). His main interests are focused on Social Psychology (social structures, individuals) and Psychological Assessment (construction and adaptation of scales and tests). He is the author of Functionalist Theory of Human Values, having published dozens of papers, book chapters and books about this subject and its correlates (e.g., personality traits, subjective well-being, environmental attitudes, pro- and antisocial behaviors, and individualism-collectivism). He is the founder and coordinator of “Normative Bases of Social Behavior” research group.

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