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About Prof. Valdiney V. Gouveia


Born in Itabaiana (PB, Brazil) in July 13th of 1966, has lived and studied in several cities, such as Rio de Janeiro (elementary school), João Pessoa (secondary school and university), Brasília (Specialization and Masters), and Madrid (Ph.D.).At the Complutense University of Madrid had the honour of collaborating with respectful and prominent researchers, like José María Prieto, Ros María (in memorian) and Clemente Miguel. This last one was his Ph.D, supervisor, with the dissertation entitled “Individualism and collectivism in Brazil and Spain”, having received the concept “approved cum laude”.In 1999 received the Research Award "Concepción Arenal de Humanidades", granted by the city of Ferrol and the University of La Coruña (Spain), due to the study entitled “Individualist and collectivist values in Brazil and Spain”, which presented the fundamental principles of the functional theory of human values.

He became professor of the Department of Psychology at a very young age, with 25 years, in 1992. Initially, had dedicated himself to Experimental Psychology, but a few years later started acting in Psychological Assessment and Social Psychology, dedicating his career in these two areas. His studies and publication were recently recognized, when in 2012 was granted with the title of Full Professor of Social Psychology. At several moments coordinated the Graduate Program in Social Psychology (Msc and Ph.D.). Has supervised over three dozen dissertations and thesis, contributing with the formation of researchers that now work at several universities in Brazil and other countries. In 2012 had the recognition of his peers in research, being bordered as Researcher 1A at the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), the higher position in research in Brazilian context. He also was elected for the 2013-2015 triennium as a Full Member of the Advisory Board of Social Psychology and Social Service of the same institution. In his career as researcher and professor, he wrote dozen of books and chapter, and has about 150 published articles, hundreds of lectures in different countries, besides Brazil (e.g. Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and Venezuela).

Finally, looking back, there is no doubt that he contributed with Brazilian Psychology. Has formed several professionals, published dozens of scientific papers and developed or adapted psychological assessment instruments, some of which are widely used, such as the Children Depression Inventor y and the General Health Questionnaire. Possibly, his proposal is remarkable, together with his partners, of the functional theory of human values, which has supported studies, publication and dissertations in several universities in Brazil and abroad. Nevertheless, his major contribution was to organize a team (NBSB – Normative Bases of Social Behavior), which is not limited to scientific research, but expresses the sense of a friendship group, being an indication of how one might think that life and social relations should be, based on friendship, companionship, work, respect and, above all, gratitude. Overall, could not refrain from expressing his feelings to everyone who has been and still are with him in this journey: Thank you!