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The research team Normative Bases of Social Behavior (NBSB), coordinated by Professor Valdiney V. Gouveia, for more than ten years has been conducting researches on the human values??. The result of such studies, this professor and his collaborators developed the Functionalist Theory of Human Values??. This theory has been used to explain attitudes and prosocial behaviors (e.g,, altruism, gratitude, water conservation) and antisocial (e.g,, prejudice, drug use, aggression). Currently, this theory relies on data from nearly 50,000 participants, resulting of studies carried out in Brazil and other countries (e.g., Argentina, Colombia, Spain, England, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal). Besides this main theme, this group has been dedicated to psychological assessment, adapting and / or constructing instruments (scales, inventories, tests) to assess constructs such as attitudes and personality traits.





 Construction and Adaptation of Measures

We develop studies to constructing, adapting and proving the evidences of validity and reliability of scales, inventories and psychological tests. We also develop studies to standardization of tests and definition of cut-off points to screening and diagnosis.


Courses and Trainings

Classroom and online courses on (1) Social Psychology (e.g., Human Values, Explicit and Implicit Attitudes, Antisocial and Criminal Behavior and Subjective Well-Being); and (2) Assessment and Measurement (Research Methods, Data Analysis, Psychometrics and Diagnostic Psychological Testing).


Research Planning and Statistical Analysis

Assistance to research design, elaboration of data collection instruments and data analysis (e.g., multidimensional scaling, factor analysis, regression analysis).